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Landscape Bark - Tacoma

Landscape Bark
2351 Lincoln Ave.
Tacoma, WA 98421

P: 253-627-3121 

Tacoma Hours: M-F, 7:30am-4:30pm

 Landscape Bark, is a division of Carpinito Brothers, located in the tideflats of Commencement Bay in Tacoma. We offer u-haul and delivery for commercial and residential projects through-out South King County and Pierce County. Please call 253-627-3121 for a quote on fine, medium, and coarse bark products. 

Medium Bark


  • This is the most popular and commonly used bark and is approximately 1 1/2" minus in size. Bark is ideal for a landscape mulch and ground cover and is the best solution for weed control. Bark also conserves moisture in the soil and controls soil temperature. Apply 3"-4" of bark every 2-3 years for the best results. (Photo may not represent current bark color).
  • Also available in 2 cf bags.

Fine Bark

  • Fine bark is a product of medium bark that has gone through a 3/4" minus screen. Fine bark contains small pieces and is typically seen as a cleaner and smoother look to your landscape. If you do not like larger pieces of bark, then you may want to consider fine bark. (Photo may not represent current bark color).

Coarse Bark


  • Coarse Bark is a screened material consisting of mostly longer & bigger pieces with hardly any fines. It will not break down as fast as other bark. Coarse is great for pathways and for applying on banks due to its durability. Coarse bark is not considered a nugget bark. (Photo may not represent current bark color).

Landscape Bark

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